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Glass Infuser Teapot - 1250ml/42oz.

Glass Infuser Teapot - 1250ml/42oz.

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The GROSCHE JOLIETTE glass tea pot blends beautiful design and quality materials to give it a contemporary teapot look and feel. The teapot is made of heatproof borosilicate glass that can easily withstand boiling water and will never go cloudy even after years of use.

The convenience and style of the JOLIETTE glass teapot is a must-have steeper for your favourite loose leaf teas.

This beautiful glass teapot comes with a stainless extra deep infuser for steeping tea, so you can make 1/3 of a pot at a time. It has a large capacity of 1250 ml / 42 fl. oz. and makes three to to four large cups of tea at a time.

The stainless steel infuser has a convenient handle on it so that you can remove the tea infuser when the tea has steeped sufficiently. The stainless steel tea infuser has ultra-fine laser etched pores to let your loose-leaf tea infuser work effortlessly while keeping even the smallest tea particles in the strainer.


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