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Pour Over Coffee Maker - 1000ml/34 fl. oz

Pour Over Coffee Maker - 1000ml/34 fl. oz

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The GROSCHE AUSTIN G6 Pour over Coffee Maker is great for the modern pour over coffee lover. It’s designed with a borosilicate glass chamber and non-slip grip for easy pouring. It also has a double layer reusable stainless steel coffee filter for ultra smooth coffee. This pour over coffee maker’s design is unique and easy to use for brewing the perfect cup of slow drip coffee.
The reusable coffee filter has been designed by GROSCHE to give you a rich coffee flavor with the natural coffee oils passing through into your cup to give a bolder coffee flavor profile, while holding back all grinds to give a totally smooth cup.
Unlike paper filters that have to be constantly bought and disposed of, the stainless steel coffee filter is washable and reusable - giving you better flavor and more use than cheap disposable paper coffee filters. It’s designed with fine mesh holes that give you grit free coffee. The coffee carafe is hand blown heatproof glass.


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